Thought Punches

Thought Punches is a collection of mind-bending ideas. Mostly Christian topics include perspectives on the Old Testament, prosperity, faith, Jesus, and many many more. This book contains over 65 short punches to stimulate your thinking and adjust your perspectives on this life.

The thoughts include: When God Gets Out Of The Way, How to Get Stuff from God – The Three Steps, Refusing Godly Burdens, The Diversity of Heavenly Rewards,That’s Not In The Bible!, Labels and Contents, Canada’s Coming Awakening, Spiritual Scientists, Praying Not God’s Will, Vocabulary War, Clumps of Bags of Candy, Creating Wealth vs Getting Rich, The Holy Spirit is a Big Strong Hairy Man, Was Jesus Rich or Poor?, What Jesus Did After The Crucifixion, What Jesus Did After The Resurrection, Pick Yourself, Emotionally Free and Full, What Are “Devotions”?, Jesus’ Feelings of Guilt, How to Get Stuff From God — Obedience, Deal With It, A Strange Way To Live, The Agony of Spending Money, Being Task-Oriented,Casting (Worry is a Thief), The Power of Your Will, Serving is a Secret to Success, Prosperity Points, Offended by Help, Prosperity, Fragile, The Cloud, You Are the Gift, Surrender to the Antichrist!, Introducing the Kingdom Age, Take It Like Peanut Butter, A Not Nice God, Ruts are Awesome!, An Introduction to the Twist Test, The Atheist’s “God Challenge”, Have you Hugged a Sinner Today?, The “Where Did We Go Wrong?” Game, Testing testing 1 2 3 4, Sneaky Jesus, When You’re Green, Be Green, The Sickness Jail, How to Hear from God, Be Like the Triune God, Jesus is an Unworthy Servant, Want A Pursue B, Don’t Ask God - You Feed Them, God’s Word Is Like Concrete, His Will Is Like Water, Old Testament New Testament Quiz, Relational Titles of God and Back, False Unity, I Love You Too Jesus, Who To Blame?, Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed?, Faith Levels, Two Prayer Paradigms, Six Phases of Divine Relationship, Following Jesus, Christian Atheists, Be Soft, Jesus the Warrior, Actions/Feelings Chart